Rehabilitative Residential Program (RRP)


RSI assists its clients in this program to locate housing in the Prince George’s County area with easy access to public transportation, shopping, employment, schools and recreational activities.

RSI provides the following services in this program:

  • Benefits application assistance
  • Direct in-home support with daily living (house cleaning, shopping, etc.)
  • Medication monitoring
  • Vocational and educational support
  • Transportation and recreation
  • 24 hour emergency assistance


Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)


SILP assists individuals to lease suitable, affordable housing from private landlords in the Prince George’s County area.


RSI provides individuals with the following services under the SILP:


  • Community living skills, where appropriate
  • Parenting skills, where appropriate
  • Crisis intervention and management
  • Vocational assistance


In addition, in both the RRP and SILP, clients receive:

  • A goal-oriented, individualized service plan developed with each client’s participation.
  • Medical healthcare through coordination with the client’s primary care physician and other healthcare providers.
  • Family members and significant others participation in treatment planning and care






  • Provides client education on how to achieve independence
  • Promotes client and family participation in the recovery process
  • Fosters wellness
  • Provides crisis management
  • Provides continuity of care and rehabilitation as clients transition from institutionalization to community based supportive programs, to total self-reliance
  • Establishes community linkages between providers and community resources to ensure continuity of care in transition
  • Provides competent supportive staff trained to aid clients in realizing their own potential to succeed in overcoming mental illness
  • Assists clients in obtaining and accessing benefits




RSI has a full complement of trained rehabilitation personnel and support staff who assist RSI clients in daily living skills management, and provide clients with 24 hour crisis management, counseling and medication management.